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Sleepy Hollow’s move to Atlanta CONFIRMED

More shows leave North Carolina!

The Wilmywood Daily

Well, we’ve been talking about it for at least two months now.  We knew in October that Sleepy Hollowwas not going to stay for a third season.  Vancouver was mentioned, but for the last couple months, Atlanta was the front runner. Even though no official word has been said in regards to a third season, Sleepy Hollowfolks headed to Atlanta and scouted the area on Friday.

Now, the Star News is reporting that what we already knew to be true is confirmed.

Fox Television Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden said if it’s renewed for a third season, “Sleepy Hollow” will move production from Wilmington following the demise of the North Carolina film tax credit program.

Thanks NCGA.  Thanks Governor McCrory.


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This Week’s Member Focus Round-Up

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Tim O’Brien is an illustrator and portrait painter whose intricately detailed and imaginative illustrations have been published most notably in TIME Magazine as well as Der Spiegel, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, TV Guide, The Atlantic Monthly, Business Week, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, PlanSponsor, National Geographic, Playboy, Penthouse and many others. Tim has designed…

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Let’s keep it going, cowboy!

What is the one thing that makes most of us quit?  It’s my belief that we often listen to people around us who we value their options, but sometimes these same people can be the one’s that actually crush our dreams and goals.   How do they know if you can do something?  Here is the answer for you; they don’t.   I would say that the only person that can honestly answer that question is you.   Sure it’s a hard question to ask yourself in front of the mirror, but one that will only help you in the long run.   If we don’t have the drive, then we might as well pack it up and call it quits.  If we don’t see the future in ourselves, who is going to see if for us?

The next thing that I would recommend is to avoid the No-Doers.  They will only drag you down into their world in the hopes that you will not move up the latter in front of them.  They will most likely be the one that is telling you can’t do this or you will never do that, but I can tell you they will be your biggest fans when you do carry out it, and will want to be on your team win you to get the awards.

I once had someone tell me that I was crazy for making out goals of making a feature film a few years ago.  I was told that I need to work on things that were more obtainable and in my safe range.   With in four months, The Last Passport was showing on the big screen in Minneapolis at the Solstice Film Festival, where it walked off with Best Actor and Best Director awards.   The key is too keep moving forward on all aspects, if you truly believe in the project or goal.

You can only fail, if you don’t try, so dust off that dirt and get back up on that bike, and make sure to slow down when you go by them, so they will understand that they accomplish great things when they get up off the couch.

Keep Clicking!

Cowboy Way

Let the Cowboy in you come out!

Are we inches away?

Reach for it!

Are you just inches away?    ©Kent Smith Photography

The world of photography is changing every second.  I went to the local book store, which by the way there only a few out there,  to pick up a book that I was looking for, and decided to make the run at the magazine stand.  I picked up a few of the how to make better pictures magazines to see what was new in them.   I was totally surprised since I have not looked at them in over four years.   The first thing that I noticed was that they are all about Photoshop now. 

Has the photography world just forgotten about how to make a great image in the camera?  Is it all about just getting something in the camera and then fixing it afterwards?  I know for a fact that this would not work for me on many ways.  One, a lot of my clients want the images within seconds of you taking them.  Some images are posted instantly to websites without no color correction, no cropping, and no removal of spots or anything else, so I ask myself why are they not teaching the fundamentals in these magazines.

The next time you get a chance to look at the world of magazines, check for yourself how things are changing.   Keep clicking away until then!

Was this the youngest photographer Ever?

Baby Picture

Was the reason that I became involved in photography at an early age because of this picture taken of me?  I am not sure about that one, but I do know that photography was something that I enjoyed doing when I was very young.

Let’s face it,  even small kids love the fact of seeing an image that they have taken pop up on the back of our cell phones now.  The difference then was that it took days, weeks, or even sometimes months to get those pictures back and look at them.  So maybe, it’s the sound of the camera clicking off frame by frame that gets us excited.

I like to think that it’s that moment that we stop in time.  Our lives are so fast paced now, that it is really cool to stop that one frame in life.  This allows us to look at it over and over, so we can  remember the past and look forward to the next shot in the future.

Happy clicking with the camera and people in front of them!!!

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Angie Harmon Makes City Council Plea for Charlotte Film Studio

This is a big step for Charlotte to have some talented people stepping up for this cause. I remember when nobody believed in the N.C. Music Factory, but that has done more to shape this city than people will ever give it credit for accomplishing.

NC Film News

Actress Angie Harmon (Law & Order) spoke to the Charlotte City Council today, making a passionate plea urging the council to approve plans for the proposed “Studio Charlotte” and the former Eastland Mall site.

During an economic development meeting earlier today, Harmon told council members that she is raising her three daughters in Charlotte because she loves the city, but she does not like having to spend many months away from them in Los Angeles filming her TNT series Rizzoli & Isles.

She said her current plan is to retire when her daughters reach high school in order to spend more time with them, but that if a new studio was built in Charlotte, she could continue to work locally while also raising her girls.

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Hitting your spot in Photography

With the invention of digital into photography, the photography world has become a new place of tricks and inventions.  As the technology changes, the one thing that I will say will stay the same is the eye of the taker.  Sure, we can get the latest and greatest cameras made by our favorite camera makers such as Canon, Nikon, or even Mamiya, but they will only be as good as the person taking the image.  The one thing that is going to change is all the software that makes them become something else.   Each week there is another software app for your phone that will make your boring picture look great.  So what is shall become great?  Is it going to be the next image that is totally created in the camera or will it be the next digital image that has some Photoshop adjustment added to it?  I say that both will be around for a long time, but the true image in the camera will have to fight hard with the computer generated image to be technically better in all areas to compete.

Sky Diver

Sky diver falls to the ground before the start of the Carolina Panthers game against the Buffalo Bills.

It’s time to cry and then look at the other side of the picture.

It’s always hard to think about the good side of things when they look so bad.  I know that a lot of readers of this are Carolina Panthers fans, so I thought I might share a few thought and some positive words.  First of all, It is a super long season.  The next best thing is that these first two games were against some really good teams.  The other great news is that they were not divisional games which we can take a big breath.  Don’t give up on your coach or team, because these guys are tough, hard-nosed, and the kind of team that can learn from these few mistakes.  So if nothing else, you will at least have one picture to remember the bad day and look forward to many more good one.

Cam gets sacked by Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills

Cam Newton gets sacked by Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills (Photo: Kent Smith Photography

Which Duck are You?

In a world that has become even more concerned with all the social media and all the non-personal touch communication,  I can only ask who will stand out from all the other Ducks?  I have prided myself in trying to make each experience something different for each client.  With each gig, we have to push the boundaries to make something that will sell the product, whether it be an editorial  job or an advertising piece.  Let’s face it:  One image is worth a thousand words.  What will you say today with your voice?

Duck World

How will you set yourself apart from all the other ducks in the pack?

New ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Promo Goes Behind The Scenes

This was a fun pilot to work on. Thanks FOX’s!!!

NC Film News

Currently in production in Wilmington, North Carolina, the pilot episode of FOX’s Sleepy Hollow, directed by Len Wiseman (Underworld), will premiere later this month  and we have a new promo spot for the action drama series featuring behind the scenes interviews with the cast and crew, as well as some fresh footage.

You can watch the latest preview in the player below!

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