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Keep Your Eye On The Ball

When we play golf, most of us are certainly sure what the target is when we stand on the green, but sometimes we can’t see it because it’s behind the turn. This is when we must have faith in our choices, to see what’s around the corner. I am sure that Tiger Woods can see straight through the trees when he looks down the course. Why? Well, it’s most likely because he has done a ton of research about the course, and he doesn’t take one swing until he knows exactly where he wants to hit the ball.

This is the same thing for us in life and business. We should be looking at the future, and planning the same things out. Nothing comes easy in this life, but with a lot of hard work and faith, we can all make our goals and dreams.

Capturing that great moment in life is not that hard, it takes work and a lot of practice. It’s not just about the frame you make, but rather the 500 or 100,000 other frames that you have taken to get you to the place that everything becomes instinct.

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Eye on the target

Ivan Lendl keeps his eye on the ball. ©Kent Smith Photography

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Cross the Line

As a creative person, we are often pushed to do what the client is wanting us to do.   I believe that we should always give them exactly what they want, plus a lot more, but at times we are limited to shooting on simple backgrounds, boring locations or just not enough time.   Once in a while, you must cross the line and do something for yourself!  It’s your job to express your feelings on an image or video, but other wise you are just a button pusher.   Sure it takes time, plus some money to make it happen, but it is always worth the cost in the end.   Just think if you never did one thing for yourself where would you be now?

All creatives should cross the line at least once everyday to make sure we are still alive.  Keep crossing the line!

Fashion Photography

Fashion Charlotte
©Kent Smith Photography

“Charlotte’s Got A Lot” makes a lot of “Noise”

Charlotte's Got A Lot

This image and ad has a lot of people on the other side of the state of North Carolina really question why?  It was a pleasure working with  these people and yes, that is Charlotte in the background.   I am sure there were a lot of people wondering what we were doing at the same time “Alive after Five” was going on.  Now you know, and it is showing up all over the place including the town of Raleigh on their billboards.    Check out the local news stories and add your own thoughts.

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Images created by Kent Smith Photography

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Celebrities In front of the Camera

What a incredible year we have had at the studio with Celebrities. It’s hard to believe some of the people that have been in front of my camera this year for their portraits and oh the stories. Most of them, I could never put on a blog without having their big brothers show up. Here are just a few of the people that we have worked with over the last year. We are looking forward to next year with many more to come.

Ben Schwartz, Josh Lawson, Dawn Olivieri, Emma Kenney, Glynn Turman, Shanola Hampton, Justin Chatwin, Maya Angelou, Cam Newton, Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Mandy Patinkin, Morena Baccarin, Ben Best,


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Looking inside the Creative Mind

The Creative Monkey

A monkey will use his time wisely to be creative.
©Kent Smith Photography

Being creative is something we all have inside us. I believe we are born with that creativity, but it continues to grow within us throughout the years in our work and passion for expanding our thoughts. So, is it true some people are more creative than others? Maybe. Or it may just be some are better at tapping into that part of their brain allowing themselves to flourish. Or maybe there is a formula to all of it…
Could this formula be linked to the Golden Ratio? Is it some understanding from another time or place that has made a mark on our human thinking? I’d like to think that it’s a combination of many different things including the things we see every single day, Life itself could be one of the most influential factors. Something so simple, but yet so complex has most of us spending a lifetime trying to figure it out. Could it be the influx of images that we see everyday and our own personal translation of those images that drives the mind to think outside of the box? Creative thoughts are made from a combination of other thoughts that have then been translated to another form, such as art or words. So how do we understand the thinking that goes into to this process?
We have 86,400 seconds in a day to process thoughts. From those thoughts, the creative mind captures one or two good ones that have a chance to make a lasting impression. I liken this to being a photographer. When I have to edit down an entire photo shoot to just a few images. We should do the same with our creative thoughts. We should pick our best from all our creative blurbs and turn full attention on just a couple of the best to create a masterpiece.
Unfortunately for the creative minds time is our biggest enemy. The best ideas often come from hours and even days or years of making everything just so. For me there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things I would like the world to see. But I take each day at a time and produce the best work I possibly can with the hours I am allowed.
I would love to hear your thoughts on how you get through the creative process. I think we can all learn from each other. Let’s face it, we all want to be better humans and not just another monkey hanging around.
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Value of Photography: Difference between Great Photographers and Good Photographers

What’s an image worth?  Why does an experienced photographer cost more than an inexperienced photographer?  There are so many questions that art directors and buyers of photographer’s services must ask when acquiring a photographer.  So how do you know the difference between one photographer or another?

Ferrari Inspired Love

Ferrari has always inspired speed, but sometimes it inspires love. ©Kent Smith Photography

The major difference between great photographers and good ones are the images.  It has been said for years that a great image is worth a thousand words;  it can tell a story before you even had time to read 10 words.  So it makes complete sense, that a great photographer will make that happen with even more impact than an average one.  Let’s face it, it has gotten easier to take images with the  advances of still cameras in the digital world, but it still comes down to the basic knowledge of how to light an image for the still world.  It also takes an eye for the unusual that will push other people’s eyes to the page or website.

If you look around you everyday, you will be inundated with images every place you go.  You can’t go down the street without seeing an image on a billboard or a poster at your local Starbucks.  These images are done for a reason.   You have  less than a second to take your eye off the road to look at a billboard on the side of the road. During that time, you will need to understand exactly what the advertising company wants you to know. This is called impact.

Great photographers (visionary people) have many years of experience on sets acquiring more skills than they guy that just picked up his camera.  He/She will understand how to light an image that will stand out from the others.  He/She will have many years of experience handling all the problems that can go with photography in case something does happen on set.  These are the things that will make them stand out from the rest, in addition to making your company money in the long run.

Over the years, we have seen many different things happen on set.  We have worked with many different art directors.  We have created different successful campaigns for many different companies around the world.  The one thing we always hear from our clients is:  “It’s nice to work with someone who knows how to work fast, but accomplish the perfect results.”  The proof is on the Billboard.  Look for it next time you are rolling down the road.

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Studio for Rent in Charlotte, North Carolina… Built on a Gold Mine

This is the same location that many commercials, celebrity photo shoots and yes, even a movie (The Last Passport), have been made.  We think it’s a very unique place that offers lots of options and space, but not so much that it isn’t affordable!  So when you make a trip to find your next nugget of gold in Charlotte, make sure to check us out!  We have daily and weekly rates.

Photography Rental Studio

Photography/Video Studio Space for Rent in South End

Studio Conveniently located in the heart of South End only 5 minutes from uptown Charlotte, our space is ready for your shoot!  Find out why this is one of the most popular studios in town.

We offer:

40’ x 40’  Very Clean Studio Space

18’ Ceilings for Any Kind of Shoot

Large Sliding Wall (can accommodate a vehicle)

Modern Dressing/Makeup Area (with good lighting, large mirrors, and makeup table)

12’ x 12’ Waiting Area

Huge Multi-Speed Fashion Fan

Mens/Ladies Restrooms

Wi-Fi Internet/ Fax Machine/ Phone (local calls)

Stereo System (CD, iPod/MP3 Hookup)


24-Hour Alarm System

Drive in Entrance (with plenty of parking, easy access ground level loading)


$250 half day

$400 whole day

$1400 week

15’ x 15’ multi purpose office that can be rented for an additional $125 which includes TV,  office desk, sound system, and chairs.

Video Production Studio

Uptown Charlotte Studio for Video Production or Photography

Studio in Uptown Area

Photography studio for special day

Video Production and Photography Studio

Charlotte Photography and Video Production Studio for Rent

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