“Charlotte’s Got A Lot” makes a lot of “Noise”

Charlotte's Got A Lot

This image and ad has a lot of people on the other side of the state of North Carolina really question why?  It was a pleasure working with  these people and yes, that is Charlotte in the background.   I am sure there were a lot of people wondering what we were doing at the same time “Alive after Five” was going on.  Now you know, and it is showing up all over the place including the town of Raleigh on their billboards.    Check out the local news stories and add your own thoughts.

Visit more of  “Charlotte’s Got A Lot”


Images created by Kent Smith Photography

Some of the local links about all the ads:





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About gophotographer

Kent Smith is an award-winning photographer and award-winning director based out of Charlotte, N.C. His career started with sports. Since then he has added diversity to his award-winning resume; photographing musicians, dancers, models, celebrities and then onto national advertising. He has shot the likes of Obama and Bono; been from Belize to the Bahamas; photographed banks and bulls bust mostly, he has captured that genuine human spirit that is often overlooked by the ordinary. He has also added feature films to his resume. He completed his first feature film as a creator, co-writer, producer, and it was awarded, Best Director on the film at the Solstice Film Festival in Minneapolis. He is currently working on directing national and international commercials for some major clients.​

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