Snow Day!

Snow AngelsWe don’t get many of these days down in the south, but when they do arrive,  it makes for some interesting times.  I couldn’t think of too many things that I would want to shoot in the snow other than people, so I decided to take my  family out and play around in the white stuff with them.

So if your thinking of shooting in the snow, I would think about two things.  The number one thing is to protect your camera from all the elements.  Ice and Snow  which will turn into water are some of the most dangerous things you will ever run into.    The second most important thing is to turn off that automatic mode.  Now, I know you can shoot raw files and do it in post, but why when you don’t have too.

There are a ton of different things on the market that can protect your camera from all the weather.  The difference is that you don’t have time to order something or time to run down to the local camera store, which I highly recommend.  (You want them to stay in business, right.)  If this is not an option, then turn to your good old fashion trash bags.  I have even used them on professional shoots when we didn’t pack our Aquatech gear.  It may not be a fashion statement,  but it will protect your investment in your gear.

Now for the automatic mode on your camera, I know you do it.  Sometimes it is just easy to turn it to the automatic mode.  Easy is good in most cases, but you might want a little more control of the camera.  The problem with this is that the lovely white snow that is everyplace with throw off your meter on your camera.   That meter is what is determining your exposures on your automatic camera settings.  I saw a few people out shooting today with their cameras.  I noticed that most of them kept chipping on the back of the camera, of course we all do it, but in this case they couldn’t get the exposures they wanted.  Most of them would just give up and keep shooting, but when they got back home they will notice that they are under exposed.    I like to shoot in manual mode when possible, so that I can control the aperture and shutter so that I can do what ever I want with the camera.  When shooting on these lovely snow days, I will actually open up the exposure so that I am between  one stop and sometime two stops brighter than what the camera is telling me.  This will help off set what is happening with the extra light that is bouncing back at the camera sensor.

So get back out there and make some more images, but let’s try it on the manual mode or adjust the exposure compensation on the other modes to make sure you get the perfect picture.   Remember:  HAPPY SNAPPING!

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About Kent Smith

Kent Smith is an award-winning director/photographer who started as a photographer capturing images of some of the most prestigious people and companies in the world. He had long been a fan of cinema and decided to pursue the moving pictures to his arsenal. The first feature film that Kent directed, The Last Passport, went on to win Best Director and Best Actor at the Solstice Film Festival in Minneapolis. He decided to work around as many film projects as possible to gain knowledge of the business side as well as learn from the very best directors, writers, and producers. This path has set him on a course to work on some of the best tv shows including three seasons on Homeland, and two seasons on Outcast and two seasons on Mr. Mercedes. He has also worked on many different feature films including Max, Tusk, Racing Dreams and American Animals. He has worked with some incredible talent over the years including Claire Danes, Barack Obama, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, Brendan Gleeson, Mandy Patinkin, Damian Lewis, Evan Peters, Patrick Fugit, Lenny Kravitz, Justin Long, Liev Schreiber, Jon Voight, and Haley Joel Osment. Kent has worked for Showtime, HBO, Under Armour, Shell, Electrolux, Bank of America, Pepsi, Food Lion, and many more. He is currently working on two features of his own at this time.

One response to “Snow Day!”

  1. Bob Leverone says :

    Now that os one super Snow Angel ya got right there. Beautiful!

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