Sleepy Hollow’s move to Atlanta CONFIRMED

More shows leave North Carolina!

The Wilmywood Daily

Well, we’ve been talking about it for at least two months now.  We knew in October that Sleepy Hollowwas not going to stay for a third season.  Vancouver was mentioned, but for the last couple months, Atlanta was the front runner. Even though no official word has been said in regards to a third season, Sleepy Hollowfolks headed to Atlanta and scouted the area on Friday.

Now, the Star News is reporting that what we already knew to be true is confirmed.

Fox Television Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden said if it’s renewed for a third season, “Sleepy Hollow” will move production from Wilmington following the demise of the North Carolina film tax credit program.

Thanks NCGA.  Thanks Governor McCrory.


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This Week’s Member Focus Round-Up

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Tim O’Brien is an illustrator and portrait painter whose intricately detailed and imaginative illustrations have been published most notably in TIME Magazine as well as Der Spiegel, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, TV Guide, The Atlantic Monthly, Business Week, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, PlanSponsor, National Geographic, Playboy, Penthouse and many others. Tim has designed…

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Online theft: The Negative Effect

The rise of images across the Internet has opened up new questions in the ever-going issues of copyright, in reference to the still world of images.  With over 13 billion WordPress pages viewed each month, the question is something that all photographers should view as a major concern.  This is not taking into account all the other daily content that hits the web ever single day.  With all of this, how can you control your images?

You can expect that a simple copyright placed on your photograph might be a way to slow down the theft of quality images, but then it takes away from your amazing image.  I think one of the best ways is to just search for your images online after they have been compromised.  It’s become pretty easy to search 5 billion images on the Internet.  It’s up to you how you want to move forward after that, legal or just ask that they be removed.  It’s your time and money, so I would think about the process before moving forward.

If you want to check your images to see if your images are being used someplace else on the web, then check out these sites.   Google Images will search the web for your images in a couple of different ways.  I like the easy use of drag and drop that Tineye uses.  It is an image search service that will check your images like a fingerprint.

Good luck and Keep Clicking!

Kent Smith Photo and Video

Danger ©Kent Smith Photo and Video

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

When we play golf, most of us are certainly sure what the target is when we stand on the green, but sometimes we can’t see it because it’s behind the turn. This is when we must have faith in our choices, to see what’s around the corner. I am sure that Tiger Woods can see straight through the trees when he looks down the course. Why? Well, it’s most likely because he has done a ton of research about the course, and he doesn’t take one swing until he knows exactly where he wants to hit the ball.

This is the same thing for us in life and business. We should be looking at the future, and planning the same things out. Nothing comes easy in this life, but with a lot of hard work and faith, we can all make our goals and dreams.

Capturing that great moment in life is not that hard, it takes work and a lot of practice. It’s not just about the frame you make, but rather the 500 or 100,000 other frames that you have taken to get you to the place that everything becomes instinct.

Keep Clicking!

Eye on the target

Ivan Lendl keeps his eye on the ball. ©Kent Smith Photography

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Let’s keep it going, cowboy!

What is the one thing that makes most of us quit?  It’s my belief that we often listen to people around us who we value their options, but sometimes these same people can be the one’s that actually crush our dreams and goals.   How do they know if you can do something?  Here is the answer for you; they don’t.   I would say that the only person that can honestly answer that question is you.   Sure it’s a hard question to ask yourself in front of the mirror, but one that will only help you in the long run.   If we don’t have the drive, then we might as well pack it up and call it quits.  If we don’t see the future in ourselves, who is going to see if for us?

The next thing that I would recommend is to avoid the No-Doers.  They will only drag you down into their world in the hopes that you will not move up the latter in front of them.  They will most likely be the one that is telling you can’t do this or you will never do that, but I can tell you they will be your biggest fans when you do carry out it, and will want to be on your team win you to get the awards.

I once had someone tell me that I was crazy for making out goals of making a feature film a few years ago.  I was told that I need to work on things that were more obtainable and in my safe range.   With in four months, The Last Passport was showing on the big screen in Minneapolis at the Solstice Film Festival, where it walked off with Best Actor and Best Director awards.   The key is too keep moving forward on all aspects, if you truly believe in the project or goal.

You can only fail, if you don’t try, so dust off that dirt and get back up on that bike, and make sure to slow down when you go by them, so they will understand that they accomplish great things when they get up off the couch.

Keep Clicking!

Cowboy Way

Let the Cowboy in you come out!

Are we inches away?

Reach for it!

Are you just inches away?    ©Kent Smith Photography

The world of photography is changing every second.  I went to the local book store, which by the way there only a few out there,  to pick up a book that I was looking for, and decided to make the run at the magazine stand.  I picked up a few of the how to make better pictures magazines to see what was new in them.   I was totally surprised since I have not looked at them in over four years.   The first thing that I noticed was that they are all about Photoshop now. 

Has the photography world just forgotten about how to make a great image in the camera?  Is it all about just getting something in the camera and then fixing it afterwards?  I know for a fact that this would not work for me on many ways.  One, a lot of my clients want the images within seconds of you taking them.  Some images are posted instantly to websites without no color correction, no cropping, and no removal of spots or anything else, so I ask myself why are they not teaching the fundamentals in these magazines.

The next time you get a chance to look at the world of magazines, check for yourself how things are changing.   Keep clicking away until then!

Cross the Line

As a creative person, we are often pushed to do what the client is wanting us to do.   I believe that we should always give them exactly what they want, plus a lot more, but at times we are limited to shooting on simple backgrounds, boring locations or just not enough time.   Once in a while, you must cross the line and do something for yourself!  It’s your job to express your feelings on an image or video, but other wise you are just a button pusher.   Sure it takes time, plus some money to make it happen, but it is always worth the cost in the end.   Just think if you never did one thing for yourself where would you be now?

All creatives should cross the line at least once everyday to make sure we are still alive.  Keep crossing the line!

Fashion Photography

Fashion Charlotte
©Kent Smith Photography

“Charlotte’s Got A Lot” makes a lot of “Noise”

Charlotte's Got A Lot

This image and ad has a lot of people on the other side of the state of North Carolina really question why?  It was a pleasure working with  these people and yes, that is Charlotte in the background.   I am sure there were a lot of people wondering what we were doing at the same time “Alive after Five” was going on.  Now you know, and it is showing up all over the place including the town of Raleigh on their billboards.    Check out the local news stories and add your own thoughts.

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Images created by Kent Smith Photography

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Snow Day!

Snow AngelsWe don’t get many of these days down in the south, but when they do arrive,  it makes for some interesting times.  I couldn’t think of too many things that I would want to shoot in the snow other than people, so I decided to take my  family out and play around in the white stuff with them.

So if your thinking of shooting in the snow, I would think about two things.  The number one thing is to protect your camera from all the elements.  Ice and Snow  which will turn into water are some of the most dangerous things you will ever run into.    The second most important thing is to turn off that automatic mode.  Now, I know you can shoot raw files and do it in post, but why when you don’t have too.

There are a ton of different things on the market that can protect your camera from all the weather.  The difference is that you don’t have time to order something or time to run down to the local camera store, which I highly recommend.  (You want them to stay in business, right.)  If this is not an option, then turn to your good old fashion trash bags.  I have even used them on professional shoots when we didn’t pack our Aquatech gear.  It may not be a fashion statement,  but it will protect your investment in your gear.

Now for the automatic mode on your camera, I know you do it.  Sometimes it is just easy to turn it to the automatic mode.  Easy is good in most cases, but you might want a little more control of the camera.  The problem with this is that the lovely white snow that is everyplace with throw off your meter on your camera.   That meter is what is determining your exposures on your automatic camera settings.  I saw a few people out shooting today with their cameras.  I noticed that most of them kept chipping on the back of the camera, of course we all do it, but in this case they couldn’t get the exposures they wanted.  Most of them would just give up and keep shooting, but when they got back home they will notice that they are under exposed.    I like to shoot in manual mode when possible, so that I can control the aperture and shutter so that I can do what ever I want with the camera.  When shooting on these lovely snow days, I will actually open up the exposure so that I am between  one stop and sometime two stops brighter than what the camera is telling me.  This will help off set what is happening with the extra light that is bouncing back at the camera sensor.

So get back out there and make some more images, but let’s try it on the manual mode or adjust the exposure compensation on the other modes to make sure you get the perfect picture.   Remember:  HAPPY SNAPPING!

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Getting your band down the Road

When your starting out in the music business or any other business for that matter,  it is always hard to get the bus moving down the road when you first get started.  It takes a lot of hard work in the beginning to make things happen.  One of the things that is actually often forgotten about the most is branding.   Branding the band and the look of the band is one of the first things done before setting out.   Face it, its one of the first things that is going to sell who you are and what your about.

A  few music artist are lucky  enough to get signed to a big label , but that is not the truth for the other 99 percent of all bands.  They are trying to make a name for themselves out on the road or even down at the local pub.   So what happens is that they start with their buddy that has a camera.  I am not saying that this is not a good idea, but would you want to put all your work into a shot that looks like it was not professional.   So the next time, your out playing a gig… think about singing with that guitar from Roses and a mic from the gas station.  The same goes with your images of a band… find someone who knows how to sell you.

21st Century Goliath Band

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